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Throughout human history, the stories we tell ourselves reflect and define not only who we are and what we wish for; they also influence what we become. In theatre our highest aspirations and deepest dreads are put before us, binding us in mutual recognitions that, if we are lucky, result in awakenings,

I love this quote from Lillian Gish in a speech she made to a group of producers: “You have to remember that a movie is not an innocent thing at all. And that when you go into a film and you sit there and you watch, somehow all the little molecules in your existence are rearranged by what you see and understand. So when people come out of that theatre, they’re slightly different. And you’ve either taught them something that they shouldn’t have learned or you’ve taught them something really quite great. So watch yourselves.”

In her indispensable book, Acting is Everything Judy Kerr states her belief that “We must accept responsibility for our actions and choices” and that “Without a developed spiritual life and fundamental values/beliefs, we will not experience real joy.”

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